Aishwarya Rai - Cannes 2014
Marry someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life.

— My mum (via everybodysgotadarkside97)

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I never want to leave this city </3
my love for Vancouver is so real!

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#LionsGateBridge #StanleyPark #Vancouver
The poison leaves bit by bit, not all at once. Be patient. You are healing.

— Yasmin Mogahed (via elige)

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I decided on you, don’t you get that? I decided on you.

I don’t want to go fucking other people and then walk around feeling thrilled and then sad, or empty, or whatever.

I like the smell of your hair, and I like the sound of your voice, and I fucking decided on you.
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too hood to function in a normal society 

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dont touch me unless your skin is made from gucci

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414 to the 604. #blackandwhite #vancouver #granvilleisland #burrardstreetbridge

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